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Jalapeño Kale | Mean Green

Uncle Funky's Geechee Sauce proudly presents Jalapeño Kale | Mean Green, an all-natural, spicy hot sauce that will transform your favorite dishes. Combining the flavors of jalapeño and kale, this mouthwatering condiment is the perfect way to kick up the heat and add depth of flavor to whatever you're cooking. Jalapeño Kale | Mean Green is handmade using only the freshest and finest ingredients, and is sure to become a pantry staple. Try it on pizza, tacos, burritos, eggs, seafood, and more - you won't regret it! For an extra kick, add a dash of Uncle Funky's Geechee Sauce's Jalapeño Kale | Mean Green to your favorite recipes now and experience the unique flavors of jalapeño and kale combined. Let's get cooking!
$5.00 2oz

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