Discover the perfect sauce with ease at our store, where top-notch sales advisors and expert cooks are dedicated to helping you find exactly what you need.

About Our Business

Excellent Hot Sauce

Are you looking for the sauce? Uncle Funky's Geechee Sauce should be your first destination. Our hot sauce is handcrafted with fresh habanero, jalapeño chili peppers, carefully selected aromatics, and fermented to perfection. Deliciously sweet, spicy, and indulgent, this vinegar-based hot sauce will be your new ...

A Store You Can Trust

We stock the best quality hot sauces to ensure that when you patronize us, you’ll always be cooking with the most excellent ingredients around. Additionally, we offer all our products at affordable prices, and we ensure that each is checked appropriately before stocking. You won’t find out of date or ...

Top-Notch Spice Knowledge

We understand how tedious it can be when you are looking for a particular sauce. Therefore, we make sure that, at our store, you will have access to top-notch sales advisors who are willing to help you find what you want. Our team is composed of reliable cooks and experts who are keen to help you get exactly the ...


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